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全自动杯型口罩机 Automatic Cup Mask Machine


设备技术规格书 Technical specification of equipment

一、基本介绍Basic introduction


Automatic cup mask machine: According to customer needs, Qin-Tech is controlled by PLC programming,the whole design is divided into front section and back section,the first shaping -- second shaping -- third shaping -- ultrasonic welding -- punching cutting -- cup mask output;

The back section is divided into: welding nose bridge strip -- printing LOGO (optional) -- welding left/right ear strip -- punching (optional) -- welding breathing valve (optional) -- finished product output. successfully developed and designed a new automatic cup mask machine ,which has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple operation and more user-friendly.


三、设备技术参数: Technical Parameters


Material:Two layers of set cotton, one layer of melt- blown or one layer of needled cotton , one layer of melt- blown, one layer of fiberfill and one layer of non-woven fabric.

电压:AC 220V,50HZ

Voltage: AC 220V, 50HZ


Weight: 3500KG

功率:20 KW


12000(L)x6500(W)2300(H) ; 重量:3500kg


Feeder: 12000(L)x6500(W)X2300(H); Weight:310kg

效率: 10-18pcs/min

Efficiency: 10-18pcs/min


Product specifications: can be customized according to customer requirement.


Applicable industries: disposable medical protective equipment

五、设备特点:Features of equipment


The whole machine design is composed of front section and back section, which is convenient for handling and debugging .


High degree of automation, the whole machine is operated by one person.


Separate shaping, so that the melt blown cloth will not be damaged, and ensure the quality of products.



Using modular design, for different masks, can be increase or

decrease functions by adding or independently designing modules.


The frame adopts the overall welding process, which is stable, efficient and durable. It can run efficiently for a long time without interruption.

六、原材料规格(建议):Raw material specifications (recommended)


From outside to inside (material width 220mm)

第一层The first ply 180-220克 针刺棉(或定型棉)180-220 g needled cotton(or Setting cotton )

第二层The second ply 50-60克熔喷布50-60g melt-blown

第三层The third ply 50-60克填充棉50-60g fiberfill

第四层The fourth ply 30-40克无纺布30-40g non-woven 最内层(或最外层)(选配)Innermost layer (or outermost layer) (optional)


八、设备使用环境:Equipment use environment


1. Use in the 100,000 class clean room.


2. Temperature: room temperature environment, humidity: 40%-80%.

3.电源:AC220V,50Hz 。

3. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.

4.气压:≥0.6MPa 。

4. Air pressure: ≥0.6MPa.

十、设备操作要求:Equipment operation requirements

1. 可实现手动、自动及单动运行相互切换的操作模式,故障报警需在人机界面显示等;

1.It can realize the operation mode of manual, automatic and single-action operation switching each other. The alarm should be displayed in the man-machine interface.

2. 采用工控机实现与PLC的实时通讯,通过触摸屏实现人机对话,各项设置操作需简单方便;

2. Adopting industrial computer to realize real-time communication with PLC, realize man-machine dialogue through touch screen, each setting operation needs to be simple and convenient;


3. The equipment complies with the national safety standards for electromechanical equipment;

十一、其他要求:other requirements


The acceptance standard of the equipment: one week before the completion of the equipment assembly and debugging, the supplier shall notify the buyer to prepare the production materials, carry out the acceptance according to the technical requirements, and the buyer shall deliver the products by itself.


2.The acceptance of the equipment shall be attended by technicians designated by both parties and the acceptance report shall be signed.

十二、安装调试和培训:Installation, debugging and training


The supplier's technicians are responsible for the remote guidance of the buyer's personnel for installation and debugging; The commissioning materials shall be provided by the buyer.

十三、质量保证和售后服务 :Quality assurance and after-sales service


1.The warranty period of the equipment is half a year (except damages caused by abnormal use and consumables; Ultrasonic controller are guaranteed for 1 months, Welding head and transducer are not warranted);


2. Receiving disorder of equipment, the supplier and the buyer shall negotiate to solve the problem.

3. 保修期满后,供方对设备的维修收取人工和交通等费用,涉及设备相关配件的更换或购买,供方仅收取成本费用。

3. After the expiration of the warranty period, the supplier shall charge labor and transportation fees for the maintenance of the equipment. In case of replacement or purchase of accessories related to the equipment, the supplier shall only charge costs.

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